Looking to add some sunshine to your home decor? Check out these five yellow paint color combinations that will brighten up any room!

3 Uplifting Yellow Paint Color Combinations That Pop

Yellow is a cheerful and uplifting color that brings warmth and energy to any space. And Color of the Month Sunnyside Up DET 495 is one of our favorites! Whether you're looking to create a bold statement or add a subtle pop of color, these three yellow paint color combinations are sure to brighten up your home decor. Each color palette is recommended by our expert Color Influencers and works well with Mid-Century Modern and Eclectic design styles. 

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3 Yellow Paint Color Combinations That Will Make Your Room Pop

3 Yellow Paint Color Combinations Featuring Sunnyside Up

Yellow and Gray: Sunnyside Up + Silver Polish + Stone Mason

Yellow and gray is a classic color combination that can create a modern and sophisticated look. Our Color Influencers love to mix Sunnyside Up yellow on the walls and pair it with gray accents like a gray sofa or curtains. Then, layer on texture with a lighter gray shag rug or throw pillows.  We find that this modern contemporary color scheme is both masculine and joyful. Also, the cool gray tones update the palette to feel fresh and modern while also letting the yellow shine through.

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Yellow Paint Color Combinations: Yellow and Gray

Yellow and White: Sunnyside Up + White Picket Fence + Buttercream Frosting 

Get cozy with these warm vibes! Buttercream Frosting is one of our favorite warm neutral paint colors to pair with Sunnyside Up. Not only is it soft and muted, it isn't overwhelming. The addition of a crisp white like White Picket Fence helps keep it fresh and airy for a yellow paint color combination that feels like a breath of fresh air!

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3 Yellow Paint Color Combinations That Will Make Your Room Pop

Yellow and Green: Sunnyside Up + Meek Moss Green + Rose De Mai

Yellow and green are a natural pairing, as they are both bright and cheerful colors. We recommend using Sunnyside Up on the walls and adding pops of green and rose pink with accent pieces like throw pillows, rugs, and artwork. This color palette is a fresh twist on pastels. The overall result is punchier than its muted and soft predecessors and still reminds us of spring and warmer days. We especially love how the earthiness of the green and rose softens the bold punchy yellow for a lively combination.

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3 Yellow Paint Color Combinations That Will Make Your Room Pop

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