We're backed by the PROs with nearly 100 years behind us and we're here to simplify the repaint experience to support DIYers wherever they are at in their paint journey.

Dunn-Edwards DURA™

Brought to market by the professional and preferred paint brand Dunn-Edwards, Dunn-Edwards DURA combines nearly 100 years of professional paint expertise with one-on-one color support, on-demand digital services, and a designer-curated color palette in order to solve the number one pain point in paint and shopping for it online: color. We exist to empower you to take on your next project with confidence.


Show of hands if you think the experience of creating a space you love should be as rewarding as the final outcome. We do, too. And it's precisely why we're changing the DIY paint experience. Working with a dedicated Color Influencer, you get a uniquely personalized paint experience including inspiration, information, product recommenations, tools and the support you need to choose color with condfidence and paint yourself happy.

Our story

Since 1925, Dunn-Edwards Corporation has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of architectural and industrial coatings in the Southwest, providing a complete line of paints and painting supplies to professionals and quality-conscious consumers. Our founders started with a simple mission to 'Make the finest line of paint and give the best service at fair prices.' Dunn-Edwards DURA™ is a direct, yet evolved, reflection of those principles, and we're committed to making the paint experience as simple and satisfying as possible.

Hand-drawn sketch of the original Dunn-Edwards corporate office


Dunn-Edwards produces and sells premium paints and painting supplies for use by professionals and consumers alike. We've always been committed to producing the highest-quality paints in a manner that preserves and protects the planet and all the living things on it.

Dunn-Edwards manufacturings facility


Not all paint is created equal. Dunn-Edwards products are made with the highest-quailty ingredients so your paint project stays looking beautiful for years to come.


Dunn-Edwards is committed to sustainable manufacturing. We fully embrace technology and practices that protect and preserve environmental quality and ensure the health and safety of our emplyees, our customers and all the people who call Earth home. Dunn-Edwards constantly seeks to reduce or avoid the use of harmful ingredients.

LEED Gold certification shield


Dunn-Edwards is proud to operate the world’s first LEED Gold-certified paint manufacturing facility. With a focus on energy efficiency, waste minimization, recycling, emissions reduction, and health and safety protection, we produce quality coatings in a manner that respects and protects the planet.

Get to Know Our

color concierge team

You've got a vision. We're here to help bring it to life.
While we know a LOT about color and paint, we recognize that you know your home and your plans for it better than anyone. We’re here to listen to what you’ve got in mind and lend our color expertise and experience to guide your choices, share new approaches, and inspire confidence in every decision you make. Honestly, we can't wait to help you!



Favorite Curated Color Palette Color:
Mysterious Blue DE5768

Biggest Paint Mistake I’ve Ever Made:
Stepping into an open paint tray when coming off a ladder and then getting it on my carpet. What a rookie move!

Pro Tip: Be aware of your surroundings and always keep good distance between your ladder and your paint for safety.

Favorite Design Style:
Transitional. I love the blend of both modern and traditional pieces, plus I feel like it’s a style that is ever evolving and always on trend!

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design



Favorite Curated Color Palette Color:
OK Coral DET436

Biggest Paint Mistake I’ve Ever Made:
Painted the same color on the wall to get a fresh look, just a different gloss level. I did not properly fill the paint roller with each pass so flashing occurred where the old gloss level was showing with the new one. Had to redo the whole project again.

Pro Tip: Take your time. Rushing projects often leads to mistakes, which leads to having to redo work. There's no time-saving to be had in that approach. Taking your time and paying attention to details is truly the best way to get the desired results and miminize frustration.

Favorite Design Style:
Eclectic. I love taking aspects from different design styles and making the space unique. When I travel, I enjoy purchasing an art piece from that place and incorporating it into the design of my home.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design



Favorite Curated Color Palette Color:
Always changing ... right now it's Silver Fern DE5492

Biggest Paint Mistake I’ve Ever Made:
Not properly taping off. Being precise with your tape may be time-consuming—but it's super important.

Pro Tip: Apply the existing color on the edge of your tape to seal the edge, let dry for 30 minutes before cutting in with your new color and painting your wall. This will create a perfect crisp tape line once you peel off the tape. This works wonders on textured walls and when doing striping.

Favorite Design Style:
Shabby Chic/French Country. I love the warmth and romance that comes with this style. Done right, it feels sophisticated, yet relatable.

Education: Interior Design Certification



Favorite Curated Color Palette Color:
Strawberry Dust DEW301

Biggest Paint Mistake I’ve Ever Made:
Not testing a color long enough before painting my entire home! I thought it was the right color, but color can look very different depending on lighting.

Pro Tip: It is always best to live with a color for a couple days before choosing to go with it. We always recommend sampling the color to make sure you love it! Check out our 6oz Samplers or Peel & Sticks.

Favorite Design Style:
Minimalistic/Scandinavian. Less is more when it comes to my space.

Education: Interior Design and Merchandising Certification