Kids Bathroom Refresh

Kids Bathroom Refresh


By Nneka Mosley | @onehandymomma

We recently moved into our home and I’ve been slowly updating all of the rooms. I have 4 children so I love to create fun and bright spaces for them. The bathroom that 3 of them share was in great condition but very boring. So, my goal was to go with colors they all like that work for girls and boys. I decided to work with Dunn-Edwards DURA to try out the DURA line. I was immediately drawn to the palette of colors offered, and the icing on the cake is that I was able to schedule a consultation with a Color Influencer!

Person on computer screen Dunn-Edwards DURA Color Session

My color influencer was Jessica and she was great! We talked about my design ideas and all the colors that are available in the line. I loved how I was able to actually see all the colors I was interested in and how they looked on cabinets and walls. It gave me a great visual to decide on which colors I definitely wanted to go with.

computer screen with an image of a bathroom vanity wall

Once we were done, she sent me a Dunn-Edwards DURA Color Report which included an overview of my project, paint and gloss recommendations, personalized color recommendations and info on testing colors. She also shipped me 3" x 5" color cards and 8" x 8" Peel & Sticks so I could see the colors I requested.

color swatches on a table

After receiving everything, I consulted my 3 little clients (my children lol) and we decided on 3 colors: Razzle Dazzle, Indigo Night, and Rain Forest.

top view of pink paint in a paint can

SHOP NOW - Razzle Dazzle

top view of paint can with blue paint

SHOP NOW - Indigo Night

top view of paint can with green paint

SHOP NOW - Rain Forest

When I received the paint, I immediately fell in love with Rain Forest…like immediately! It’s so vibrant and the perfect unisex color! So, I used that color for the majority of the room. I thought a feature wall would be really cool as well so I used Indigo Night & Classic White for that.

person painting a wall with a stencil pattern in blue

And of course, I can’t forget the show-stopping Razzle Dazzle! Now pink is my favorite color so I may be a little biased…but boy is this color amazing! I used Razzle Dazzle to paint the cabinet base as well as the trim on mirrors and it really tied everything together! To prep the cabinets, I cleaned them, sanded them and then used Dunn-Edwards DURA+ Wood Primer.

image of paint can

I painted about 3 coats and it turned out amazingggggg!!!

bright pink bathroom cabinets

Painting this room was so much fun and the colors really brought my design to life! I plan to add a few more touches like updating the flooring and maybe some shelves on wall but other than that, it’s done! So glad I used Dunn-Edwards DURA paint for this room!

image of a bathroom vanity - green wall, pink cabinets, blue and white pattern wall


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Ready to start your own DIY project? Book a Color Session with a Color Influencer to help you through your color journey, or take a paint color quiz to decide your style! Our team knows just the right questions to ask to understand your goals, help you sort through color and gloss options, and even connect you with some clever sampling tools. Whether you want to talk for 5 minutes or an hour—whenever you want to talk—our team is ready when you are.

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