Wine Goblet DET 400 Hexagon Paint Blob
Dark Olive Green Wine Goblet DET 400
Dark Olive Green Wine Goblet DET 400
Gray Wine Goblet DET 400
Dark Olive Green Wine Goblet DET 400
Dark Slate Gray Wine Goblet DET 400
Light Gray Wine Goblet DET 400
Dark Olive Green Wine Goblet DET 400
Light Gray Wine Goblet DET 400
Dim Gray Wine Goblet DET 400

Wine Goblet DET 400

Color Description: This dramatic red paint color with notes of oak adds a touch of sophistication and mystery wherever it goes. Inviting and cozy, yet upscale and timeless, its deep red and purple undertones make it an excellent choice for many different design styles, including Craftsman, Art & Crafts, Mediterranean, and Tuscan. Wine Goblet is Alkali-Sensitive; is a color that are more likely to fade early when used on highly alkaline surfaces, such as new masonry.

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Number of Coats: We recommend applying 2 coats of paint for best coverage.

Color Disclaimer: It is our mission to solve the number one pain point in paint and shopping for it online: color. We know that selecting a color online can feel like a daunting task. You might even be wondering if the color will ‘actually’ look like it does online when it arrives. This is why we’ve laid it all out in our Mixed Media images where each of our 210 colors are shown as a digital swatch, a color chip and a painted finish. Some colors may vary slightly from the digital swatch, this is common as digital colors are approximations and are not exact matches. Paint colors represented are approximations and are not exact matches as color can vary device-to-device. There is no guarantee colors viewed online will look like the final paint finish, which is why we always recommend sampling.

Sampling: As with any paint project, we highly recommend you live with your color selections before making your purchase; as lighting, time of day, gloss, surface and substrate type as well as adjacent colors can have a contributing factor on the color selection process. Dunn-Edwards DURA offers a variety of sampling options: 3”x5” Color Chips, 8”x8” SimpleSample™ Peel & Stick Sheets, and 6oz. Color Samplers that come with an application brush. Please note that all sampling options are only available in our Matte Gloss.

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