Dunn-Edwards DURA Multi-Purpose Primer


Maybe you're making a dark room light or touching a up a repair; whatever the challenge, Dunn-Edwards DURA™ Premium Interior/Exterior Multi-Surface Primer has literally got you covered. It provides excellent adhesion to drywall, wood, masonry as well as hard-to-stick-to surfaces, such as aluminum, galvanized metal, vinyl, fiberglass, aged alkyd and select plastics. The ultra-low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) formula applies smoothly, dries fast and provides outstanding stain-blocking, tannin resistance and great hide, giving you the perfect palette to apply your paint.


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Paint Performs with Purpose

Dunn-Edwards DURA™ products perform beyond cosmetics, designed to fight everyday wear and tear. Washable, scuff-resistant, and easy to apply, we continue to build and evolve products to not only survive the toughest households, and toughest interiors, but to improve the painting experience, the outcome, and its lasting impact. Made with the highest quality ingredients, formulated for the toughest conditions, and manufactured in a LEED Gold-certified factory, Dunn-Edwards DURA products perform at every angle.