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Introducing our top-of-the-line paintbrushes, designed to excel in both interior and exterior projects while delivering flawless results every time. Here's why our brushes stand out:

  1. Even and Smooth Application: Our paintbrushes are engineered to apply paint evenly and smoothly, ensuring a professional finish on any surface. Say goodbye to streaks and uneven coverage—our brushes deliver consistent results with every stroke.

  2. Versatile for Interior and Exterior Use: Whether you're tackling indoor walls or outdoor surfaces, our brushes are up to the task. From living rooms to exterior siding, our brushes perform reliably in any environment, making them a versatile choice for all your painting projects.

  3. Stiffness in Warm Weather: Our brushes maintain their stiffness even on warm and hot days, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the temperature. This means you can count on our brushes to deliver consistent results, regardless of the weather conditions.

  4. Nylon/Polyester Blend Filaments: Crafted from a blend of solid tapered nylon and polyester filaments, our brushes offer the perfect balance of flexibility and durability. This unique filament blend ensures smooth application while maintaining the brush's shape and integrity over time.

  5. Suitable for All Paints: Whether you're using latex, acrylic, or oil-based paints, our brushes are compatible with all types of paint formulations. This versatility makes them a convenient choice for any painting project, eliminating the need for multiple brushes.

  6. Firm Formulation: Our brushes feature a firm formulation that provides the necessary control and precision for achieving flawless results. Whether you're cutting in along edges or painting intricate details, our brushes offer the firmness needed for optimal performance.

Experience the difference with our premium paintbrushes. Designed for versatility, durability, and exceptional performance, they're the perfect choice for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Paint Performs with Purpose

Dunn-Edwards DURA™ products perform beyond cosmetics, designed to fight everyday wear and tear. Washable, scuff-resistant, and easy to apply, we continue to build and evolve products to not only survive the toughest households, and toughest interiors, but to improve the painting experience, the outcome, and its lasting impact. Made with the highest quality ingredients, formulated for the toughest conditions, and manufactured in a LEED Gold-certified factory, Dunn-Edwards DURA products perform at every angle.