Grays & Greiges

Grays & Greiges

There's a reason these classic colors have staying power. Available in a range of undertones, they're both humble and handsome, and prove you can make a statement without shouting.

Gallon starting at $54

If you’re looking for colors for your home, it’s hard to go wrong with neutrals. A gray color palette can go with just about any aesthetic, but if you’re looking for neutral colors, you should also consider adding greige to your list.

Gray is the most popular color in interior design for a reason: it’s soft, relaxing, inviting, and subtle. But maybe you think grays are too cool and want something warmer. That’s where a greige color palette comes in: mixing all the best parts of gray with the warmth of beige.

Grays and greiges are extremely reactive colors, meaning you can set the mood for an entire room with only a few pops of color. Black accents can add a striking quality to an entire room, while pairing neutrals with wood tones or yellows can bring out a warmer, orange side to your greige paint and decor. These colors are excellent for a Bohemian feel, especially for bedrooms or home offices where you spend a lot of time and need to focus or relax. Gray exterior paint colors are also excellent for outdoor spaces, as they mix well with garden materials and wood tones.

Whether you’re looking for grey exterior house colors or greige interiors, Dunn-Edwards Dura provides premium paints for your home decoration needs. Start your home renovation today with our gray and greige color palettes!