Dark Browns & Blacks

Dark Browns & Blacks 

Don't be afraid of the dark. These modern colors can be counted on to bring luxury and character to a wall, a room, or even exterior trim and a striking door.

Gallon starting at $54

Conventional wisdom says bright colors are the best way to make a room inviting, but the truth is, brown color schemes or even black ones are much warmer than you might expect. Many color experts recommend a dark brown color palette for everything from fixtures or accent walls to entire homes.

Dark colors can add depth to a small room, or provide richness to a larger one. A brown color scheme is a neutral that fits with just about anything, and is never truly out of style; more than that, the colors can read differently depending on the season or the time of day, meaning you’re always looking at your room in a new light.

Browns and blacks are the perfect colors for sophisticated rooms that want to showcase artwork or furnishings. Dark colors relax the eye, allowing you and your visitors to feel comfortable and cozy while allowing your decor to pop without needing to compete with bright whites drowning them out.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, relaxing, rich color scheme for your home, don’t settle for whites and brights. Whether you’re trying to find the right colors for your library, study, or dining room, try Dunn-Edwards Dura premium blacks and dark browns for your renovation project today!