The ALLWAY® Painter’s Tripods offer a convenient solution for painting projects, designed to streamline the painting process and minimize mess.

  • Support Above Work Surface: These tripods elevate painted items above the work surface, reducing mess and facilitating easier painting and cleanup.
  • Dual-Sided Painting: They allow for painting both sides of an item without waiting for one side to dry, enhancing efficiency
  • Interlocking Design: The tripods feature an intuitive and secure interlocking mechanism, enabling versatile combinations to support various items.
  • Screw-down Option: For added stability and security, the tripods can be screwed down if needed, ensuring the painted item stays in place during the painting process.
  • Convex Wall Shape: Designed with a convex wall shape, they provide only point contact with dowels, enhancing stability while minimizing surface contact.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of projects including doors, shutters, furniture, crafts, moldings, and more, they offer versatility in painting applications.
  • Durable Construction: These tripods are capable of supporting heavy subjects, especially when multiple pieces are interlocked..

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Paint Performs with Purpose

Dunn-Edwards DURA™ products perform beyond cosmetics, designed to fight everyday wear and tear. Washable, scuff-resistant, and easy to apply, we continue to build and evolve products to not only survive the toughest households, and toughest interiors, but to improve the painting experience, the outcome, and its lasting impact. Made with the highest quality ingredients, formulated for the toughest conditions, and manufactured in a LEED Gold-certified factory, Dunn-Edwards DURA products perform at every angle.