Designer Collection Bundle

Designer Collection Bundle

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Get a Designer Approved Color Palette with this Designer Collection Bundle from twelve of today's leading home interior designers. Get all the colors you need to capture this beautiful style in your home with the click of one button and at a discount!* This bundle includes the following colors: 

La Vie En Rose DET416
Cherry Berry DE5034
Red Craft DET423
Whisper DEW340
White Picket Fence DET648 
Almondmilk DEHW01
Ball of String DE6190
Crisp Muslin DE6212
Historic White DET653
Adobe DEC726
Shaggy Barked DEC771
Glisten Green DE5491
Mist of Green DE5707
Agate Green DE6298
Ecological DE5719
Cloistered Garden DET523
Forest Path DE5642
Green Bayou DE5650
Refined Green DEA181
Black DEA002


*Discount is only applied to all colors within the bundle, if you choose to remove one or more of the peel & stick swatches from your cart the discount will no longer apply.]


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