Elevated Color Session

Elevated Interior Color Session
Woman in color consultation. Step 1 of Elevated Color Session: Book your color session, then complete the color project questionnaire
Woman in Elevated Interior color session. Step 2: Meet with our color concierge team member. 60 minutes phone or video
Woman reviewing her DURA Color Report. Step 3 After your color session, you will be emailed a personalized digital color report with a summary of recommendations
Fan deck, and 3x5s fanned out. Step 4: Seeing is believing. Select up to 5 8x8 Peel & Stick samples and 10 3x5" paint chips that will be mailed to you for review. Plus a digital mockup of your space in 3 color palettes.
woman in
DURA fan deck fanned out. Color Promise: Every paid color session includes our color promise assurance. If you dont love your color. We&

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If 'seeing is believing' is your thing, you'll find comfort in all the visualization options featured in our Elevated Color Session. Our Color Influencers will help give you an idea of what the final outcome will look digitally.


  • 60-minute color session with a Color Influencer by phone or video chat
  • Envision Your Space! package featuring digital images of three-color palettes virtually applied to a supplied photo of your space
  • Up to 5 SIMPLESAMPLE™ 8"x8" Peel & Stick Sheets
  • Up to 10 color chips (3"x5")
  • $30 Store Credit
  • Color Promise

    Paint Performs with Purpose

    Dunn-Edwards DURA™ products perform beyond cosmetics, designed to fight everyday wear and tear. Washable, scuff-resistant, and easy to apply, we continue to build and evolve products to not only survive the toughest households, and toughest interiors, but to improve the painting experience, the outcome, and its lasting impact. Made with the highest quality ingredients, formulated for the toughest conditions, and manufactured in a LEED Gold-certified factory, Dunn-Edwards DURA products perform at every angle.